Introducing The Egg Cup


The egg cup is a item of tableware designed to serve boiled eggs with their shell. They could be made out of a wide variety of substances including porcelain, woods, glass and metal. Egg cups produced from pottery are great for more formalised functions and also help to conserve the eggs temperature when being eaten.
It is actually unclear where and when egg cups came from, however they do apparently show up in a Turkish mosaic from 3AD. 
Around Elizabethan times in The united kingdom the higher class would use silver egg cups to eat their boiled eggs that triggered more ordinary people copying the fashion using wooden designs. It is believed that Louis XV of France sometimes used egg cups and that he was noted for beheading his eggs with a single slice.
Throughout the Victorian times egg cups really joined the mainstream when they were frequently sold with tableware collections. Decorated egg cups were created by companies that include Wedgwood along with Haviland and egg cup sets were commonly offered for sale.
Quite a few people gather egg cups as a pastime, a practice which is known as Pocilovy. There are actually specialist events held for fanatics along with a newsletter called 'Eggcup Collectors Corner'.
Egg cups are suitable for equally hard and soft boiled eggs and they help to keep the body of the egg in place when it is being cracked open.
Much like almost all sorts of dinnerware, egg cups may be purchased in department stores as well as specialized outlets. Less costly plastic egg cups can often be acquired for close to nothing at discount stores, whereas higher priced pewter or china cups will be obtained online or at top quality department stores. 
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